Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Baby Em!

Oh friend IT just made me realize that i have not updated my blog in a loooong i am doing a quick entry to alleviate my mama guilt...and to welcome our latest addition...Baby Em!  Born Feb 16 @ 4:35am, 7 lbs, 3oz.  I'll try to upload the birth announcement later if i fire up my laptop (which is rare these days due to iPad obsession)

Here is a quick mobile picture of Baby Em today @ 9 weeks old.  She is already growing up too fast.  She is very accomodating of her wacky sister and sleeps decently...although mama can always use a few more consecutive hours...!

Juggling three has been a challenge to say the least...esp with Baby C's activity schedule...but thank goodness i get some reprive when the big girls are at school MWF.  I am grateful to be able to stay home with them although sometimes my sanity pays the price.  Daddy J has been very supportive and is an excellent father to the girls.  I am one lucky chick!

Anyhoo signing off for now, hopefully not for another 6 months! ;-)

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  1. You are one super mama doing a helluva job. Keep it up!