Sunday, May 9, 2010

Toddler Sparring

Baby C has been taking karate for about 5 months and there is an intramural tournament coming up at the dojo.  Unfortunately we will be out of town, but the past few weeks, the instructors have been practicing "flag sparring" with Baby C's class.  At this age group, there is no contact.  Instead, one tried to take the other person's flag.

Here is a picture of Baby C with a sparring partner.  She is the tiny one on the left of the orange cone.  In this drill, you are supposed to "bounce" around the cone twice, then try to go for the other person's red flag (which is tucked into their belt/pants). You are supposed to use blocks and such when your opponent is coming at you.   And shout out a victorious KEEYAH when you grab your opponent's flag and hoist it above your head.  No grabbing, running, chasing, etc.  Of course with 3.5 - 6 year olds, the rules are not always followed...

Watching them practice really cracks me are these little people with big helmets bouncing really hilarious.  In fact I am smirking right now just thinking about it. LOL

Unfortunately, Baby C is the smallest in her class and tends to always get her flags taken...probably cuz her arms are shorter, etc.  She got a little discouraged at first, but hopefully she will regain some confidence after some more practice. =)

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Leapfrog Kidlab

Yesterday I brought Baby B to Leapfrog Kidlab to test out some new toys.  Baby C has participated before, but this is Baby B's first time.

I love seeing/testing new products/toys.  Baby C actually tested the TAG Jr and Text n' Learn before it came out.  This time, Baby B tested this new picnic basket toy they are developing.  It was very cute.  The basket talked and sang reciting the alphabet, phonics, numbers, cute phrases, etc.  It also had picnic items inside with shape sorting, etc.

We have many Leapfrog products in our house, and after out Leapfrog trip, we have one more!  For our time, we received a Leapfrog birthday cake toy.  It's pretty darn cool because you can light the candles and blow them out.  Really, it senses your breathe and the candle lights go out!  I think this will be one of my "go-to" toys for first birthday presents!  Both girls love it...a bit too much in fact, I was playing referee all afternoon andalmost had to give the toy a time out! Geez! =)

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hi-Lights Lo-Lights

I just started highlighting my hair again after a post-kid hiatus due to maintenance laziness.  This time I wanted to go lighter because summer was coming up.

My new hairdresser sure went blond! The color itself I liked, and we were doing chunkier highlights to give it more impact/less maintenance, but there was this huge chunk at the side of my face that made it really obvious.

So...she had to do a do-over to tone down a few strips and all was good!

This was the first time I brought Baby C to the salon with me and it was a longer appointment but  she did really good. She waited patiently AND complimented my hair color, even when it looked like I was going on the Blond Ambition Tour.  Mama so proud! =)

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