Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello Again!

It's been a while...but here is a picture of Baby Em @ 3.5 months old.  I don't know how many pounds she weighs, but its obvious she is pretty well fed!  LOL

Life's been good, busy with the three monkeys but good.  Currrently, we are gearing up for Baby Em's upcoming red egg and ginger party, Baby C's preschool graduation and play, then Baby C's FIFTH birthday party, crazy summer schedules, and prepping for kindergarten in the fall...yikes!

Until my next free moments...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Litttle Swimmer!

I am so proud of my little swimmer!  She earned yet another ribbon today.  This one for swimming breaststroke 10 yards.  Yipee!  We hope to finish off her Advanced Preschool pages before the end of the session.  Then we will be taking a break from once a week swim lessons and trying out a couple of 4x/week, 2 week sessions in the summertime at another facility.  I am hoping the more intense lessons will help bher kick it up a notch!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Baby Em!

Oh goodness...my friend IT just made me realize that i have not updated my blog in a loooong time...so i am doing a quick entry to alleviate my mama guilt...and to welcome our latest addition...Baby Em!  Born Feb 16 @ 4:35am, 7 lbs, 3oz.  I'll try to upload the birth announcement later if i fire up my laptop (which is rare these days due to iPad obsession)

Here is a quick mobile picture of Baby Em today @ 9 weeks old.  She is already growing up too fast.  She is very accomodating of her wacky sister and sleeps decently...although mama can always use a few more consecutive hours...!

Juggling three has been a challenge to say the least...esp with Baby C's activity schedule...but thank goodness i get some reprive when the big girls are at school MWF.  I am grateful to be able to stay home with them although sometimes my sanity pays the price.  Daddy J has been very supportive and is an excellent father to the girls.  I am one lucky chick!

Anyhoo signing off for now, hopefully not for another 6 months! ;-)

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been MIA

Sorry been so MIA...i think i need to seriously quit FB in order to get back to blogging.  Oh wells.  With the pending arriving of #3...i doubt if i will have much time for anything except quick posts to FB and the blog.

Quick update - Baby C is almost four and a half...and Baby B is two.  We recently started Baby B at the same preschool as C...same days but only half day.  I figured with her clingyness, i had better transition her so she can spend some time away from me before the baby arrives.  Besides...mama needs some time to tame the chaos which i call my home...i need to nest big time.

The hours in which both girls are in school are very short, so i am not getting much "relaxing" in during the last few months of my pregnancy, but instead i find myself rushing around like a mad woman trying to make the most of the precious kid-free hours.

Anyhoo...thats all i can think of right now...not much going on, just chugging along...tick tock...countdown to baby arriving begins!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby B!

 OK, bad mama is a few days late, but Happy 2nd Birthday to my Baby B!  We had a small party for her at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward.  Its not a fancy facility, but the kids had a blast!  We really lucked out and the weather was beautiful for November, so the kids got to run around inside and out and enjoy all the animals at Sulphur Creek.

We chose three animals (rosy boa snake, box turtle, and duck) and a craft for the "animal presentation".  All the kids stayed on their carpet squares during the presentation and enjoyed the craft too!  We could not ask for a better celebration!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby C's Purple Belt

Congrats to Baby C for earning her purple belt last night!  Here is a picture after her belt test with Grand Master Pallen.

My Tough Fairy

Baby B is always trying to keep up with the big kids.  Her mind runs faster than her little legs can take her...which usually results in BONK! Here is latest boo-boo @ 23 months.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Random Baby B @ 20 Months

Here's a picture of Baby B chewing on a baby octopus on a recent trip to Little Sheep Hot Pot.  After some help, she bit off the head, chewed a bit, and eventually spit it out.  But at least she tried!

Two random Baby B-isms today...i figure I better write this down somewhere before I forget! =)

I dropped a can of soda on my toe today and yelled out "OWWW!". Baby B walks over and says "Tay? Tay? Tay?" I finally figured out she was asking me if I was "OK".

As I was putting her shoes on in preparation to go out, I burped. She looks at me and says "ME!"  ...as in "say excuse me", as she has often heard us say to her big sis.

Too funny, I guess she is developing some empathy and manners? Or maybe she is just very observant and is a good imitator. =)

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby C @ Almost 4...

My first baby girl turns four in less than 2 weeks!  I know it's cliche, but time sure does fly.  First I can't believe I will be a mom of a four year old, and second, I can't believe we survived parenthood for 4 years!!!  Whew! It's been quite a ride!

Baby C has been flourishing @ preschool and @ all the activities she is participating in.  For the summer, her crazy schedule each week consists of 2 full days of preschool, gymnastics X2, soccer, karate X2, and a swim class.  We also did one week of wildlife camp @ Sulphur Creek, and will be doing one week of VBS at a local church with a "Finding Nemo" theme this year.

Sometimes I think I am overscheduling her, but she truly enjoys all her extra activities.  For example, we traded dance for soccer this summer, and she keeps on asking why we are not taing dance, and how much she misses it, etc.  During the wildlife camp week, she kept on asking about all her other activities she was missing because she was @ camp that week.  Honestly, I want her NOT like something so that we can cut it out of the schedule!  So far, no luck.

We are thinking of changing Baby C's preschool for her Pre-K year (coming up in Sept).  We want to switch her from a play based program to a Montessori program. I guess I am feeling the pressure of kindergarten and "real school", and I want her to be as prepared as possible. We already know that she has the social skills to survive in a school environment, now, I want to concentrate on the academics...i know sounds a bit hardcore...cuz afterall, she's only 4 for gosh sake!  But I feel like education is the one thing no one can take from you, and I want my kids to be well educated and successful...and it's never too early to start. =)

I am also busy planning Baby C's birthday party next weekend. ithis year's "Dinosaur Train" theme should be fun.  I don't really have many details, but hope to pull it all together this week!

Anyhoo, that's all I can think of for Baby C. I guess I might need to stop calling her "Baby C" soon, because she is def not a baby anymore...!

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