Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visit With Santa

This year we went to the Ice Creamery to see Santa. The Santa is actually the same Santa as we always see at Castro Village, but he's in a different location this year. Plus, what is better than visiting Santa AND eating ice cream?!

Baby C telling Santa she wanted a dinosaur towel for Christmas.
Baby B was not too happy, but that's OK, don't all kids cry the first time?
Finally a non-crying picture, but I had to hold her. =)

Oooh, and the best part (for me)...Peppermint ice cream!!! Yums!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in the Park

This year we hit the Christmas in the Park event again in San Jose. We've gone every year since having kids. Funny how we never even thought if going to these events pre-kids...heh.

Here's Baby B chewing on one hat while wearing another. When the one on her head comes off, we switch.

This year Baby C tried ice skating for the first time ever. She only lasted one spin around the rink, but she hung there!...and so did Daddy J...holding Baby C up was tough on his back! Hah!

Daddy J lacing up Baby C's skates.
Baby C with her skates on. Doesn't she look all grown up?

Daddy J and the girls.
Me and the girls.
Ooooh, pretty lights....
Baby B mesmerized by the lights.
Baby C also rode some rides...big surprise!

It got super crowded after it got dark, luckily, we were just about done, so we headed home. The event has gotten larger and larger each year and we'll definitely be back next year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Little Daredevil

Here is a video of Baby C "bungee-ing" @ the Puente Hills Mall in Hacienda Heights. $10 for 10 minutes, and she enjoyed every minute!

I am very proud of her for attempting this on her own...with no urging whatsoever from me! Must be the adrenaline junky in her!...she definitely gets it from me and not Daddy J! LOL!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry (to my nonexistent fanbase) that I have been so MIA.  Since Baby B has become mobile, things have gotten a BIT hectic, plus the usual craziness of the holidays, and of course our daily chores and commitments, etc.

There is a lot to catch up on, so stay tuned! Here is a preview (plus a good list for me so I can remember what to blog!):

- Whirlwind road trip to SoCal
- Christmas in the Park in SJ
- Holiday "recital" @ preschool
- Food, food, and more food
- Baby B's new teeth and newfound mobility.
- Baby C's "bungee" experience @ the mall
- Visiting Santa
- Holiday girls night out
- Baby B's big boo boo
- Oakland Zoo fun
- Baby B's first ride in Daddy's car

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's been pretty darn chilly the past couple days. Yesterday there was even snow in the tri-valley...and definitely frost/ice on the car in the AM here in CV.  The clear and sunny skies are so deceiving when I wake up. I always run hot, so I don't generally dress very warm, and I tend to dress my kids light too. I went shopping for some mittens and gloves for them today and the pickings were slim, I guess they are in high demand!  Winter is on its way!

Here is a picture of Baby B and her new warm hat. It was a gift from our friends TM & LK.  It is definitely keeping her head I just have to work on the rest of the body!

- Yvonne
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pandas Spotted @ The Zoo...and Babysitting.

Well, not really..just cheesy panda beanies! =)  

We went to the Oakland Zoo today. It was a bit chilly, but a storm is coming in the weekend and I wanted to take advantage of the clear skies.  The girls and I had a wondeful time. They BOTH enjoyed the animals and were well behaved.

I wanted to tucker them out so they would nap afterwards. I have a holiday get-together tonight and am leaving them with babysitters.  Daddy J was supposed to be home early so I could go, but his work is slamming him, so I had to scramble.  JK, our trusty "mother's helper" is coming over with her sister KK to tag team the girls. Baby C should be a breeze, but its the B Monster I am worried about.  It's only for 2.5 hours, but I am still worried that Baby B will just fuss the whole time. Maybe I won't worry so much after a few drinks...LOL!

- Yvonne
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