Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been MIA

Sorry been so MIA...i think i need to seriously quit FB in order to get back to blogging.  Oh wells.  With the pending arriving of #3...i doubt if i will have much time for anything except quick posts to FB and the blog.

Quick update - Baby C is almost four and a half...and Baby B is two.  We recently started Baby B at the same preschool as C...same days but only half day.  I figured with her clingyness, i had better transition her so she can spend some time away from me before the baby arrives.  Besides...mama needs some time to tame the chaos which i call my home...i need to nest big time.

The hours in which both girls are in school are very short, so i am not getting much "relaxing" in during the last few months of my pregnancy, but instead i find myself rushing around like a mad woman trying to make the most of the precious kid-free hours.

Anyhoo...thats all i can think of right now...not much going on, just chugging along...tick tock...countdown to baby arriving begins!

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  1. Yeah, quit FBing. Haha But it is easier to just post your status. I have been more careful to write about what is going on over here since I. Heard about Blog2Print though. Fun to go back through the memories. I hope you get some me-time in there as well before #3's arrival. You definitely have stuff to blog about then. Never a dull moment.